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Is it really cheaper to hire movers?

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Choosing between hiring a moving company and renting a moving truck

Local moving is invoiced by the hour, so hiring two people and a truck might cost between $90 and $120 per hour. The cost of hiring a professional moving company for a local relocation range from $200 to $1,500. Depending on distance and area, full-service relocation rent might cost up to $2,300. Long-distance relocation will be substantially more expensive than a move to another state. Hiring local movers can save you a lot of time and money if done correctly.

The cost of renting a moving truck varies depending on the location and size, but you should expect to pay between $50 and $2,000 per month. In certain circumstances, interstate rentals are comparable to moving truck rentals.
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Hiring a professional moving company, on the other hand, will almost always cost you up to $1,000, even for small trips. Request on-site surveys from reliable moving firms, who will estimate how much you will have to spend on the professional relocation service you pick. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, a local family’s average cost for four moves at $200 per hour is $2,300.

Full-service packers and movers will provide you with a fixed charge based on the size of your home, the number of items, and the type of items you wish to transfer for long-distance travel. Pickup rentals are a fantastic option if you think you can manage the packaging but don’t want to be in charge of hauling and lifting hefty packages.

Professional moving firms can handle all aspects of your relocation, including packing your possessions, transporting them from point A to point B, and unpacking them in your new home. With the exception of a few personal possessions, you may hire a professional shipping firm to pack your whole home, load it onto a truck, drive it to a new location, unload the truck, and even unpack your stuff. Hiring a relocation company relieves you of many of the everyday stressors that come with moving.

Aside from the time-saving benefits of relocating, hiring help will also spare you the trouble of driving a large moving truck along the highway.

Even if you’re only relocating a one-bedroom apartment, hiring a full-service mover is preferable to doing it yourself or looking for cheap movers to provide you with inexpensive moving estimates since, in the end, time is money, and the less time and money you spend, the better.

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